Needle Felted Paintings

These are all needle felted greetings cards. I printed pictures of each dog and felted the cards from the pictures. I used pre-felt for the backgrounds and a fine felting needle so it didn’t leave holes in the picture. I usually make felted sculptures so doing pictures is a new experience (I can neither draw nor paint so am amazed I can do this!) I sell these cards for £10.50 each (C6 sized) It is not financially attractive as they take such a long time to make and I spend a lot of time on each one ……. however: I enjoy making them, it means they re affordable and people can send them as gifts that can be framed and it is a unique piece of art for an attractive price. I realise that if I was inundated with requests I would either have to charge more or refuse to do them, but for now, I am enjoying it and keeping up with demand. All these dachshunds are for one person. I have done a range of other cards too – they are below. I use all the wools I have in my stash, blending by hand and overlaying different colours and belnds until it looks right. Each one is unique, even when copied from the same picture. A good example is the miniature wire haired dachshund above. The one on a dark green background and the one above it on the orange background I copied from the same photograph and both look similar, yet each is unique!

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