Badger – needle felted sculpture, one of a kind, faux taxidermy


Badger – Needle Felted Sculpture, one of a kind, faux taxidermy


This impressive young badger was a joy to create. He is firmly felted with a range of wools and wool batting. His top coat is a mix of merino and alpaca wools. I crafted his claws from clay, baked and painted them before felting the wool around them to create his feet. He is permanently attached to his driftwood plinth.

The badger is a mysterious creature, only appearing at night. He is also quite shy and lives underground, away from prying eyes.

This sculpture is an art piece to be looked at and enjoyed, he is not a toy to play with. He took a long time to make, each top hair was carefully needled into place and lovingly shaped to make sure he looks as lifelike as possible.


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