Dachshund / Teckel Trio – Needle Felted, One of a Kind,


Trio of Teckels / Dachshunds – Needle Felted Sculpture


I live with 4 miniature wire haired dachshunds, which inspired me to make this piece, featuring the three types of dachshund coats, long, wire and smooth. The cheeky wire is stood ready to play, the smooth is sat up asking nicely for a biscuit and the long is lying on the beautiful olive wood plinth, serene and pretty. I made each one carefully, paying attention to the individual characterisitics and firmly securing them to the olive wood slice on which they are posed. They are sculptures to be looked at and admired – it is not a toy to be played with.

I made the sculptures from a range of wools and wool batting. The eyes are plastic and wool, the noses I made from clay and varnished them to give that lovely doggy “shine”. I thoroughly enjoyed making this piece, seeing the dogs come to life and finishing the detail on their coats. Thank you for looking at them.  Postage is free.


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